Trailer Repair And Maintenance From Trailer Services Of West Texas

Thursday, September 28th, 2017 Published By: Patrick Logan

Trailer repair and maintenance services are vital for your operations. Without them, your fleet would idle on the side of the road while your clients wait for their cargo to arrive. There are more than 2 million tractor trailers cruising down America’s roads carrying more than 9 billion tons of goods each year and you can’t afford to be the one that’s sitting in the parking lot while others profit from the long-hauls that businesses are built upon.

The Industry is Evolving…but Some Things Stay the Same

Technology is changing the way goods are moved from coast to coast. In an era of home shopping and near instantaneous delivery, the transportation industry is faced with increasing pressure to keep fleets up and operational at all times. From the warehouse door to the customer’s front door, trailer repair and maintenance are the cornerstones that makes it possible. When commodities need to be moved, there simply is no other way to keep the trucks rolling.

Transportation companies of all sizes are seeking cost-effective trailer repair and maintenance services that keep their trucks and trailers on the road and not in the garage. The hi-speed supply chain that’s rolling across the country demands it and the team at Trailer Services of West Texas delivers the services and reliability our customers depend on every day of the year.

Trailer Telematics Make Maintenance Easier

Trucks have become mobile data centers that continuously update their status with information drivers can use to keep their loads moving forward. From tires that need a little more air to reservoirs that needs to be topped off, this information makes it easy for technicians to identify a trailer’s needs and take care of maintenance issues quickly and efficiently. More information means less time in the garage which means more cargo can be carried from Point A to Point B. Most importantly, this information provides ample warning to a driver that a maintenance issue is arising. This allows drivers to call ahead and schedule a “pit stop” en route which reduces the possibility of a roadside breakdown. This saves money, saves time, and can save a frozen cargo from melting on the shoulder.

Trailer Repair And Maintenance From Trailer Services Of West Texas Can Handle Simple Repairs or Major Overhauls

Many maintenance issues are simple repairs. Replace a busted tail light, fix a faulty sensor, adjust the tires, etc. Of course, there are some repairs such as fixing malfunctioning reefer units that require a little more time and planning to complete.  And, for those times when a trailer does break down on the side of the road, we can dispatch our mobile repair services to conduct whatever repairs may be required. The team at Trailer Services of West Texas can do it all on the side of the road or in our shops in Amarillo, Lubbock, and Odessa. Most importantly, in addition to speed and efficiency, all of our work is performed to the highest quality standards. This makes it possible for our clients to rest easy in their seats long after their truck has left our shop.

We look forward to working with you

Contact Trailer Services of West Texas for more information about our Axle Spindle Repair certified services. Day or night rain or snow, we’ll do our part to get your axle repaired and your truck or trailer back on the road as quickly as possible. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule the repairs you need to keep your operations moving forward.

Trailer Services of West Texas offers comprehensive trailer repair facilities throughout the Permian Basin, South Plains, and Texas Panhandle. We handle every aspect of repair from replacing brakes to installing new trailer alignments.

If you are looking for the best place to get all of your trailer repair services and trailer parts, call or visit Trailer Services of West Texas.   We offer everything from trailer parts to trailer repairparagon blowers, axle spindle repair services and line boring, tank trailer services and much more.  Trailer Services of West Texas is located in AmarilloLubbock, and Odessa.  To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment at a specific location, Contact Us Today (for Amarillo, call (806) 376-5837 or contact via email, for Lubbock, call (806) 763-6311 or contact via email, for Odessa, call (432) 561-9792) or contact via email).  You can also visit one of our locations convenient located near you.