united axleTRAILER SERVICES OF WEST TEXAS is excited to officially announce that we are a United Axle Service Center with offices in Amarillo TX, Lubbock TX and Odessa TX and SERVICING THE GREATER WEST TEXAS REGION

Together, we are introducing a revolutionary new process for repairing axle spindles

The industry's FIRST serviceable spindle.

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Trailer Services Of West Texas And United Axle Are Revolutionizing The Axle Industry!

United Axle spindles are threaded into the axle tube allowing spindles to be easily installed and removed – making them replaceable and serviceable! United Axle is leading the axle industry in the this cutting-edge technology. UA Service Centers like Trailer Services of West Texas offer truck owners the best when it comes to spindle replacement. The innovative proprietary United Axle process for spindle replacement is not only affordable but, also quickly completed on-site in under three hours.

United Axle and Trailer Services of West Texas offer the One And Only Serviceable Spindle

United Axle spindles were designed with the vehicle owner in mind. They have been designed carefully and precisely with a patented threaded end, so that it can be tightened down into the existing axle tube with the integrated threads. This unique feature makes United Axle spindles serviceable! In the unfortunate event of another bearing failure, the spindle can be easily removed and replaced again. United Axle serviceable spindles are currently available for larger vehicles  (semi, tractor-trailer, buses, concrete trucks, end dumps, etc.) and will be expanding soon to smaller ton vehicles.spindle

United Axle Serviceable Spindles are Safe and Cost Efficient

United Axle spindles were developed with safety as the number one concern. United Axle spindles are factory made with high quality steel. Each proprietary spindle is carefully and precisely created with threads so they can be easily installed or removed. United Axle spindles combined with the innovative United Axle installation process will leave you with a better, stronger, serviceable spindle. The United Axle product and process give you not only a safe alternative, but a more cost efficient option. Trailer Services of West Texas spindle replacement using the Unites Axle products and process is approximately 1/6th of the cost of replacing the entire axle housing and the process only takes a few hours.

United Axle Process

This new process is making a huge impact in the trucking industry offering a new, stronger spindle that is now serviceable. Replacements are completed in UNDER THREE HOURS and to reinstall a UA spindle takes less than two hours.

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Lubbock 806.763.6311
Odessa 432.561.9792

United Axle Spindle Replacement Process

The majority of roadside breakdowns are tire related. Properly identifying bad spindles can help prevent you from becoming part of this statistic. Red flags to watch out for include: metal shavings in hub oil, wheel seal leaking, or hub hot to the touch after driving distances. Running a truck on bad bearings increases the chance of damaging the spindle. Once damage has occurred options are limited. Either entire axle will need replaced or spindle replacement. United Axle has revolutionized the replacement spindles and process.

The process starts with a phone call from the repair shop or truck owner in need of a new spindle. A UA certified spindle technician will arrive on location in their mobile service vehicle. The technician will begin by removing the spindle. Once the damaged spindle is removed, the axle tube will be machined. Threads will be integrated into the axle tube. At this point, the axle is transformed with an end that can be serviced over and over with spindles if needed . The spindle is threaded into place torqued down to desired torque. Then, a final weld is made. The initial installation takes only three hours to complete from start to finish.
If the spindle were ever in need of replacement again it can be easily removed. The spindle technician would only need to cut the weld and remove the old spindle. Then, the new spindle can be threaded back into place. This replacement process is completed in under two hours.

United Axle Process Step 1

The first step in the replacement process is the remove the old damaged spindle. We can then smooth and clean up the axle tube in preparation for the new threaded spindle.

United Axle Process Step 2

After axle tube is prepared, the bushing is machined to custom fit the axle tube. Once the precise size has been achieved, the axle tube can now be threaded to accept the new spindle replacement. It is then threaded into the axle tube and torqued down to specifications.

United Axle Process Step 3

Once the spindle is threaded in and torqued down, our technician can make the final weld. This will seal the axle housing for drives and air suppression systems. Once our spindle technician has completed the spindle replacement, the vehicle is ready for wheel assembly.

step 1

ua process step 2

UA process step 3

Give Trailer Services of West Texas a call TODAY for all your axle needs!

Amarillo 806.376.5837
Lubbock 806.763.6311
Odessa 432.561.9792

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