Paragon Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Dry Bulk Truck Blowers

P857 Truck Blower (P857)

Front oil seals run on coated wear sleeves not directly on the shaft. This stops premature oil seal failure and shaft damage.

  • Tapered locking mechanism gives it a more robust timing method.
  • Hydraulic mounting pad built directly into the machine, means no special oil tank required.
  • Twin drive shafts – universal bi-directional mounting.
  • Complete cast iron body and side plates.
  • Runs quiet due to the Rotor profile having a constant gap.
  • Internal Breather – reduces water contamination of oil.
  • Durable taper lock guarantees easy assembly.

Fruitland® Vacuum Pumps

  • Automatic Oil Pumps – No adjustments needed
  • Belt, Direct and Hydraulic Drives
  • Clockwise or Counter Clockwise Rotation
  • Top or Side 4-Way Valves available
  • Optional 2-Way Filters
  • Simple Vane Wear Check Ports
  • Models 180-650 CFM available

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