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Major Trailer Repair Following a Wreck

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 Published By: Patrick Logan

Following a major accident, such as roll-over or low bridge collision, you may think that your trailer is destined for the scrap yard. While there is no guarantee a trailer service will be able to repair your trailer in full, a reputable, experienced trailer repair service is often able to repair severely damaged trailers to new or nearly new condition.

The trailer repair experts at Trailer Services of West Texas are prepared to handle every aspect of your trailer repair from repairing both interior and exterior damage to providing estimates for your insurance company. We’ll handle the entire job from start to finish to restore your trailer to solid working order. Our staff is well versed in and has ample experience with trailer repair. We stand behind all of our repair jobs and are more than happy to address any following up questions and concerns. After a trailer accident, Trailer Services of West Texas offers the following repair services.

In-house trailer repair fabrication

Trailer Services of West Texas boasts a comprehensive fabrication shop right on our premises. The sizable structure includes a 5-ton crane, 30-ton press brake, 10-ton shear, and floor tie down surrounded with reinforced hardened concrete. We’re able to create the exact components we need for your trailer repair.

Flatbed trailer repair

Repairing a flatbed trailer following a major accident may include tasks ranging from rebuilding or replacing the kingpin structure to re-decking the flatbed to re-arching the main frame. Regardless of the size of the job, we’ll be able to handle it with ease.

Electrical diagnostics and repair

Many trailers suffer extensive electrical damage during a wreck or other major incident. Our technicians will evaluate the electrical systems and make any necessary repairs before we deem your trailer safe to operate again.

Alignment services

When your trailer suffers significant damage, it may become misaligned. Re-aligning the trailer gets the suspension back in place so your trailer is in good working order for normal driving conditions.

All of our staff and technicians at Trailer Services of West Texas have the experience and resources to repair your trailer following a major wreck or other incident. We get the job done the right way the first time around at a competitive rate. Don’t delay getting your trailer repaired so you’re on the road again driving safely as soon as possible.

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