Best Trailer Repair, Inspection, and Modification Services in Texas

Monday, April 24th, 2017 Published By: Roy Williams

A broken or damaged axle or spindle never occurs at a convenient time. When you need an axle or spindle repair or replacement, you need it done as soon as possible. Trailer Services of West Texas specialists have extensive experience with trailer repair, inspection, and modification. Our team is prepared to get your trailer up and running again as quickly as possible and at a competitive price. Our services include repair and replacement of trailer axles, drive axles, and steering axles as well as steer spindles.

Trailer repair specialists for axle repair

A faulty spindle or spider plate will keep your trailer out of commission for days. When you consult our team for a spindle replacement, our specialists will complete a complimentary inspection of the spider plate and replace only the damaged components. When you’re in need of both a trailer spindle and spider plate, you’ll get a reduced combination rate. Trailer Services of West Texas trailer repair professionals custom fit spider plates for all popular trailer makes and models. Our trailer repair and replacement techniques are cutting-edge; offering safer, more durable solutions than old-fashioned patches and repairs.

Trailer repair specialists for drive axle repair

Mobile trailer repair specialists provide high-quality, secure repair and replacement jobs on the road, guaranteeing you’ll be on your way safely. The days of settling for a risky, quick-ditch roadside patch job or butt weld while you’re on the go are long gone. Standard welding techniques may actually lower the load-bearing strength of axle housings. Trailer Services of West Texas trailer repair specialists swap out the full spindle, inserting it five inches, to maintain maximum axle strength, getting you driving again quickly and safely.

Trailer repair specialists for steering axle repair

Routine wear and tear on the steering axle may result in loose kingpins. Purchasing a new axle is expensive and leaves your trailer out of commission for weeks at a time. Trailer Services of West Texas trailer repair teams bore and sleeve a truck’s steering axle in a matter of hours. Our precision-machined sleeves are stronger and thinner than traditional machine shop sleeves to bore less on the axle eye and maintain more of the original axle with less boring. Our patented process is intended to provide flawless accuracy of boring angle, centering, and size. It restores the original inclination angle to limit tire wear. Re-machining the worn thrust bearing surface restores the original specifications to minimize the risk of misalignment.

Trailer repair specialists for steer spindle repair

Loose kingpins may lead to steering trouble and significant tire wear, driving up operating expenses. In many instances, a rebuilt kingpin is half the length as the original kingpin. Trailer Services of West Texas trailer repair professionals in-line bore and sleeve knuckle holes to fit precisely, retaining the structure to limit future eroding. Our teams treat kingpins and knuckles as well as replace spider plates, all with cutting-edge processes.

In addition to axle and spindle repair and replacement, our trailer repair team also offers repair, inspection, and modification services for the following trailer components and more.

  • Barrels
  • ISO container
  • Pumps
  • Brakes
  • PTOs
  • Blowers
  • Tires and 5th wheels
  • Suspension
  • Body
  • Frame
  • Tank
  • Hydraulic wet lines
  • Clutches
  • Refrigeration
  • Cargo tank

We provide free estimates and pickup and delivery service for every repair job. We also offer preventative maintenance to keep your trailer running its best, minimizing the risk of major, expensive repairs.

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Trailer Services of West Texas offers comprehensive trailer repair facilities throughout the Permian Basin, South Plains, and Texas Panhandle. We handle every aspect of repair from replacing brakes to installing new trailer alignments.

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